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Homeowner Orientation

The homeowner orientation is scheduled prior to your closing. Your Key Land agent will schedule this meeting as your home nears completion. This final walk-through will be attended by both a Key Land Homes representative and your Key Land agent. This meeting will be held at your new home and it takes about 2 hours – please be sure to allow enough time.

Your homeowner orientation is an introduction to your new Key Land home and its many features. We follow a preplanned agenda and a set route through the home to assure that we cover everything. Our homeowner orientation provides you with:

  • An opportunity to ensure that your new home has been built per your plans and to note any items remaining to be completed or requiring attention before closing.
  • Confirmation that selections and options have been installed as you ordered them.
  • A demonstration of your new home, its features and mechanical components.
  • Review of key points about maintenance and limited warranty coverage.

Our experience shows that the orientation is most beneficial when buyers focus all their attention on their new home and the information we present. Although we appreciate that friends and relatives are eager to see your new home, it would be best if they visit after your orientation. Similarly, we suggest that, if possible, children and pets not accompany you at this time.

During the homeowner orientation or walk through it will be important for you to carefully assess the condition of your new home and to make note of any items that concern you. Please be sure to point these items out to both the Key Land agent and building representative so that they can be discussed. It is important to note that some items such as cabinets, flooring, countertops, tubs, showers cannot be repaired after closing unless a defect in their condition was noted during the walkthrough. A complete list of such items is provided in the warranty guidelines.

Here are some additional tips to help you get the most out of this important meeting:

  • Wear comfortable clothes and shoes. We will tour both the exterior and interior of your home. Anticipate that some dust, bending, kneeling, and reaching may be encountered.
  • Bring any questions that you may have about your new home. Make note of items that you want explained and be sure to bring them up at the orientation.
  • Get involved: Plan to listen carefully and take a hands-on approach. Push buttons, lock locks, and flip breakers. This helps you remember the dozens of details we cover.
  • The punch list will note items to be fixed. In most cases these will be minor cosmetic items that we will point out to you. Plus you should note any items that you observe. While Key Land Homes will do their best to make all noted repairs in a timely manner, it is important to note that some repairs can take longer. Typically delays are be caused by such things as needing to order custom parts, delays in obtaining parts from manufacturers, or simply scheduling conflicts.

Finally, please remember that some cosmetic surface damage is bound to occur during construction – these blemishes will be taken care of as a matter of course before your closing. While it is important that any imperfections be noted so that they be fixed, you should also pay careful attention to any options or changes to the plan that you specified. These tend to be the more expensive additions to your home and you will want to make sure that they meet your approval prior to the close.