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Customizing Your New Home

Home Builder in MinneapolisYou’ve found a plan that you like, but you’d like to make a few changes to make it perfect. Luckily, Key Land Homes can help. Unlike the mega builders who only build certain plans or allow certain modifications, with Key Land you have many choices. The result of this customizing opportunity is that your home can be truly unique and one-of-a-kind.

Perhaps you want to add square footage, modify the exterior, enlarge the garage or move rooms around. Or, you may want to make more extensive changes like enlarge a room, create a custom kitchen, open up a space, add a bathroom or a sunroom.

Whatever you’re thinking, you’re first step is to discuss your ideas with your Key Land sales agent. At Key Land, all of our agents are trained in new construction methods. They know all of our plans and they’re familiar with how they have been customized in the past. In fact, they may have some ideas of their own for your to consider.

Once, you’ve agreed upon the changes that you’d like to explore, your Key Land agent will consult with one of our designers. They will help determine the feasibility of the change and develop a rough budget estimate. In our experience many changes can cost surprisingly little.

If you decide to proceed, Key Land’s designers will create a customized blueprint of your plan. You will then review the plan before proceeding and if necessary, you can work with our design team to finalize the details.

Whether you have the perfect dream home plan in mind or just know your unique dream home is out there waiting for you, Key Land Homes can help you design the homes that’s just right for you. All you need is your enthusiasm and ideas. We’ll do the rest to find the design you’ve always wanted.

Our customers say…

Greg and Jane Peterson are living in their third Key Land home, built on their own lot in Eagan. According to Jane, “We selected Key Land because the quality was very good and they let us do different things with our house… Greg drew up revisions to the floorplan to make a home office space, and they were able to do it.” – Greg and Jane Peterson