Warranty Request

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When requesting warranty service. Please open the warranty guidelines to the right of this document to review warranty coverage.

Please fill out form completely providing as much information as possible. After reviewing warranty coverage information, use the drop down in the “Covered Warranty” box the section under warranty as it pertains to the claim you are submitting. Type in the section reference box the warranty tolerance as it meets the program. Example “Warping 2-24.5”.

In the “Warranty Issue” box, only list one request item as it meets the tolerances in the guidelines. Please be as descriptive as possible to the nature of the request such as location and possible cause if known.

If you wish to include a photo of the defect, send a separate email to warranty@keylandhomes.com and attach your photos and include your address in the subject line.

If you need to request multiple warranty deficiencies, you may need to open new forms to complete your list.