Change Orders

Key Land Homes provides its buyers with the opportunity to make changes to their plans and customize their home. In order to make these changes as efficiently as possible, we encourage buyers to make their changes as early as possible. For most buyers, this occurs at the plan redline stage or when selections are made.

At the plan redline meeting, the Key Land agent meets with the buyer to review the initial blueprint. Any changes that the buyer wishes to make to the plan are marked on the blueprint in red. Once all the changes to be made to the plan have been recorded, the Key Land agent and the buyer will complete and sign the “Okay-To-Start” forms. Following this, Key Land will revise the blueprint and mail the revised plan to the buyer. Buyers then have 14 days from the postmark date to approve the plan or make further clarifications. At the plan redline stage, there are no charges for changing the plan itself ( but remember, this is the last opportunity to make structural changes without an additional fee) although buyers are responsible for any additional construction costs due to plan modifications.

In order to deliver your home as close as possible to the target date, Key Land Homes orders many items well in advance of actual construction. Once construction materials for your home have been ordered, making further changes may involve adjusting the planned delivery date and additional costs. By requesting all structural changes prior to signing the “Okay-To-Start”, you avoid both. After the “Okay-To-Start” form has been submitted, making further major structural changes will not be allowed. These are outlined in both the Purchase Agreement and the Key Land Addendum and your Key Land agent can provide further details.

Key Land also encourages its buyers to take full advantage of the selection process to add custom touches to their new home. This is why we stress the importance of your selections and urge buyers to prepare carefully for their selection meetings and to allow sufficient time to review all the possible choices. All the Key Land’s selection centers are staffed with design professionals and there is no charge for the use of their services for these initial selection meetings. Again, Key Land Homes urges its buyers to make their selections as early as possible in order to expedite the construction process – preferably no later than twelve weeks prior to the anticipated close date.

However, if changes must be made, Key Land Homes uses a change order form to describe and document all changes you may request to your new home’s plans and specifications. These forms help us keep track of any changes and make sure that your home is delivered in a timely fashion.

Key Land Homes classifies change orders into two different categories:

Please note, change order forms are not considered approved until they have been signed by Key Land Homes. And, please be aware that your projected closing date may be delayed as the result of any requested changes. In order to maintain Key Land’s high quality standards there are no exceptions to these policies. Your change order cannot be accepted and will not be processed unless the change order form is completed and signed and you agree to the change order fee and additional materials and labor charges.

If you have any questions about this policy, please speak to your Key Land sales agent.